Sheduling requires 1/3 deposit of the total work order amount. Work orders and estimates are delivered to the prospective client within 1 week of the initial, free, consulation. Scheduling is not mandatory but we ususally run on a 3-4 week lead time so reserving your spot is recommended!

Decorative Painting Consultations are free. Color Consultations with Josephine are available at a fee of $150/hour. 

We have licensed contractors to perform all your regular painting needs. We can fulfill your painting needs from start to finish: Pick colors, paint all interior walls, trim, repairs, carpentry, and exterior (in season). Our painters are skilled in preparing walls for faux and decorative finishes and are skilled, responsible painting and carpentry contractors for your home. !

Our finishes are affordable and we strive to work within your budget. Discussing estimates is FREE (in lower Westchester-travel reimbursement required for areas further outside lower Westchester) and we will work to supply the look you want at a price you can afford.

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